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Amir Vetry

NMLS #: 1517537

Job Title: President

Contact #: (602) 736-8449


Kari Sullivan

NMLS #: 692123

Job Title: Vice President

Contact #: (480) 216-9434


Joshua Mendoza

Job Title: VP of Business Development

Contact #: (623) 227-8301


Gabriel Gallatin

Job Title: Chief Technology Officer

Contact #: (602) 708-3030


Chris Adams

NMLS #: 728716

Job Title: Regional Manager

Contact #: (623) 296-0331


William Daniel Breedon

NMLS #: 1511277

Job Title: Loan Officer

Contact #: 734-652-1464


Nelson Perez

NMLS #: 1957720

Job Title: Loan Officer

Contact #: (602) 570-7664


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