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Are you a first-time homebuyer or do you have questions about homeownership? We are here to help.

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We make it simple whether if you are applying for a mortgage, buying a new home, purchasing an investment home, renovating your current home, or refinancing a home.


If you’re in the market for a mortgage, you may want to lock in your rate sooner rather than later as they do change every day and could potentially increase.

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Our team is here to help make getting a mortgage easy. We're available on your schedule over text, email, or phone.

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While a fixed-rate mortgage is popular with many homebuyers, it’s not always the right fit for everyone. Other options include loans for veterans, investment properties and more.

Applying for a Home Loan is Easy with Lion Mortgage!



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Are you a first-time buyer or looking to refinance? Maybe you're a real estate investor who needs a team of mortgage experts who makes loans, not excuses. Or you're a veteran who knows what it means to serve and appreciates great service? Going through a divorce? We understand life and can help you.


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Navigating the financial side of buying a home can feel overwhelming. Lion Mortgage is here to help you make an informed decision when evaluating the various home mortgage loan options.

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Buying or refinancing a home is one of the largest decisions you'll ever make. At Lion Mortgage, we make saving money and achieving your financial goals simple. With over 200 years of combined staff experience, we have exclusive products that will meet your needs. We'll show you just how simple it can be.

Fast Approval

Our clients appreciate our fast turn around times—some of the fastest in the industry. For most loans, the entire process-- from application to close, in as little as 2 weeks.

Credit Score Support

If your credit is less than perfect, newly established, or you're self-employed, talk to is first! We help people you refinance and purchase your home, even with less than perfect credit.

Vast Loan Options

We've made refinancing and purchasing simple with innovative loan products and wide-array of loan options.

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We are DBA Home Mortgage Alliance Corporation (HMAC), NMLS #1165808 with a license in over 40+ states and supported by a variety of lenders and investors.